Friday, August 20, 2010

"Mama Goes Masters" Virtual Race

So, I have 4 miles on the training plan for tomorrow. And MCM Mama just happens to be hosting a virtual race that includes that distance. That's a little bit of extra motivation to make sure I don't blow off tomorrow morning's run ...
Well, I did it but it wasn't pretty. I woke up early this morning, turned over in bed and was so dizzy I felt like I was falling while lying down. It's another bout with inner ear problems. My first thought revolved around trying to run 4 miles while dizzy. I slept late and didn't get up until 8:30. I was a little dizzy but nothing like the early a.m. After eating a bowl of cereal and preparing my homemade electrolyte drink, I decided to get started. I'm not going to lie about it. It was a tough, slow 4 miles due to the heat, humidity and occasional dizziness. I tried to take it extra slow - well, no, it wasn't a decision to take it slow, my body refused to do any more. But the good news is that I did it. That's the longest I've gone since the half-marathon in March, so I'll consider it a win even if some people could have walked it faster than I run:walked it.
4 miles in 1:01:48 (15:12/mile)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. My daughter started 5th grade yesterday. I am still amazed that she's just a couple of weeks away from being a 10-year-old. She's such a joy and is growing up so quickly. My husband Taylor and I have made it a tradition to take a day off from work for the first day of school (a half-day). So, after picking her up, we all went to eat lunch together and then went bowling. Will begins kindergarten next year. How does time fly by so quickly? My mama always told me to enjoy the moments because they're gone in a blink of any eye. I didn't believe that as a know-it-all teenager and young adult, but she was definitely right (about that and oh so many more things).

2. I won Teamarcia's Yurbuds giveaway! I am so excited. I've entered several giveaways but this is my first win. I'll definitely write a review once I give them a try.

3. Training for the Medoc 10 Miler is still going well although I'm a day behind this week. I'm logging the miles even though it's still slow-going. The good news is that my heel pain has not flared up again. Four miles are on the plan for Saturday. Next week I plan on increasing the running portions of my run:walk as long as my heel doesn't start bothering me again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knowin' Jack Sh*t

This post says it all.

I'm somewhere between depression and acceptance, hopefully leaning more on the acceptance side of the fence.

Take the time to click over to the May 18, 2010 post at Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit.

Why is it so hard to take the last step when you're thisclose to making the healthy lifestyle commitment?
~when you know what to do, but just aren't doing it~
~because you've failed so many times before~

To be continued ... I hope.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things Thursday

We had the annual health screening at my employer's wellness program kick-off event today. No real surprises although I expected my cholesterol to be higher, so that's good news at least. Total cholesterol measured at 190; years ago it was 270, so that's a huge improvement. My HDL (the "good" cholesterol) was 67 so that's in the good range. Triglycerides and LDL were normal but at the higher end, although they're not entirely accurate because I ate breakfast this morning (see below for the reason). My blood sugar and blood pressure were both normal (never have had a problem with either thankfully). Weight, BMI, waist ... well, let's not discuss that. I don't have a place on my card where the nurse recorded my BS level, although I'm sure that's higher some days than others. Surely I wasn't the only one there who thought it odd that they abbreviated blood sugar that way, although I'm probably the only one who took a picture of the sign (sorry about the glare).
I had planned to fast this morning so I would have accurate lipid panel results, but I had to eat a banana and a bowl of cheerios. And why, did I have to eat, you might ask?

I woke up early enough to run this morning, that's why!

Yeah, I'm still amazed. To say I'm not a morning person is a huge understatement. I loathe mornings and sleep until the last possible minute. I did stay in bed a little too long and got up at 6:20 instead of 5:45, but at least I did that. My plan's two slow run:walk miles are in the books and I'm super excited. My heel is still feeling good, too. Hopefully the worst of the PF is over. Once school starts next week with the busier evenings of homework, music lessons and softball practice, the morning will be the best time to run. Wish me luck on sticking to that!
I'm curious as to whether anyone reading this uses runkeeper for tracking runs. I've been using it for the past month on my droid phone. I like it and I think it's fairly accurate at measuring my routes. I used the google mytracks app prior to that, and the nike + system when I started running. I'd still love a Garmin, but that purchase is not going to happen anytime soon. The phone apps seem to be an acceptable replacement at this point, though.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ah, there's the extra motivation I needed!

Wait, I mean ...

I'm excited!
I'm scared!
I'm excited!
How am I going to do this?
Can I do this?
Yes, I can do it but it will be hard - and it will hurt.
But it will be worth it.
My husband will be proud of me ...
My kids will be proud of me ...
Wait a minute, I will be proud of MYSELF!
I've lost my mind.
I'm excited!
I'm scared!
I'm excited!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Foto Friday

Yep, this post idea is stolen from Carly, who stole it from ??? or maybe it was her idea ??? I know there's been a recent analysis of the origins of Three Things Thursday by the Redhead, but that's it for my running blogger history.

All I know is, maybe if I have a few standard blog ideas at the ready, I'll be more consistent posting here.

I walked through the break room earlier this week and saw this on the counter.
Drink Please

Mmmm, nope, I don't think so.

I work in a courthouse and this breakroom is accessible to anybody. I'd hate to fall victim to one of the many court system regulars who roam these halls and left this hoping a gullible and thirsty judge might wander by.

Well, not really but I have to look for workplace humor where I can find it. Some unknown employee had good intentions by gifting this only slightly-out-date beverage, but still, I think I'll pass. I'm afraid to even put anything in that refrigerator for fear that it will be either be a) eaten by someone else before lunchtime (been known to happen before) or b) spontaneously grow green fuzz just from being near some of the stuff already in there. Apparently this lemonade tried to make its escape and only made it as far as the counter.

I just wish I worked in a building where the visitors are more pleasant. If people aren't here for court, then they're usually here to pay their property taxes in my office. Or, you know, at least complain about their property taxes. Fun, fun for everyone! But at least I don't take the money. I just create the maps!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

The lunchtime quickie edition ...

Success last night! I did the 2 miles prescribed in my smartcoach training plan for October's trail 10-miler. It was still very hot and humid, but I had a great time for a couple of different reasons. First, I was running/walking again and it felt great! Second, Will (my 4-year-old) joined me on the adventure. He loves going with me to the cow pasture which is my standard 2-mile route. This picture isn't from last night but gives you a good idea of his goals anytime he goes for a walk: collect as many rocks and sticks as possible.


I'm recovering from plantar fascitis and my heel did great last night. I feel it a little bit today, but not too bad. My podiatrist suggested I try inserts in my running shoes to offer a little more cushion for my heel. They are soft and feel great, but my foot feels kind of "tall" in my shoe. I've also got to play around with the lacing some so the back portion of the shoe will be a little tighter.


Taylor and I directed VBS at our church last week. It was a great experience and I truly believe God was present and working each night! The kids had a great time and it was worth all of the preparation and late nights. The only thing is I still cannot get those songs out of my head ... who needs an iPod with that kind of internal soundtrack? And speaking of iPods (hello, segue), there's a great Yurbuds giveaway at Running Off at the Mouth. Be sure to click on over and check out the wonderful blog ... she's an inspiring running mom. I could definitely use these as my last pair of earbuds mysteriously disappeared ... that's what happens when Kate wants to borrow them all the time and they don't find their way back to me ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby steps

I can't believe how difficult it is to write this post. I've struggled several times with what to say, what not to say and just haven't been able to type out the words to begin.

I began running two years ago as an attempt to begin a healthier lifestyle, but just as important, it was an attempt to start a new hobby for me ... an attempt to succeed at something by not procrastinating or being lazy. So far, it's been a mixture of successes and failures, much like life in general.

I've completed 5k's, a ten miler and a half-marathon. Completed the distances, that is, but have not successfully completed the training plans. And with a disappointing half back in March, I took a huge break from running. Yes, I was extremely proud of myself at first for completing the 13.1 miles on an incredibly muddy course (amazing what an entire week of rain will do to a trail), but I started beating myself up shortly afterward for not completing the training plan's midweek runs. I did a pretty good job at the weekend long runs, but I found it difficult to get in the shorter distance runs during the week. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself I screwed up and the downward spiral began.

So here it is, almost five months later and time to begin training for the Medoc 10-miler again. And ... I slept in yesterday and today and still haven't done the first weekly run, a measly 2 miles. My weight has crept up again and reaching 150 pounds seems like an impossibility. I'm eating way too much crap. It'll take a miracle to reach 500 miles for the year.

But still, somewhere inside me, there's a part that thinks I can achieve big things in running. Big things, like 26.2 miles in March 2011. But it'll take discipline and determination to complete a training plan during the winter. Can I do it? Jeff Galloway says I can, if I follow his plan. There's even a podcast providing inspiration.

For now, though, it's baby steps again ... but at least that's moving forward.