Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No running yet ...

but at least I'm blogging! I'm going to allow my toe a few more days to heal. The weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous on Saturday with temps in the 60s, so I'm planning on running 3 miles or so if my shoes don't bother the toe too much. Kate's basketball game is at 11:00, so hopefully I'll be able to go out after we return home. I hope to run what I'm calling the "big tree/woods" route in my running log. It's really very nice and is a logging road through the timber tract west of the farm. I may even be able to convince Taylor & the kids to ride the golf cart for a time. I love running that route, but as I go deeper in there, I have to admit it's probably not the best idea to be completely alone.

I also have a few plans for future blog posts. I'd like to take some pictures of the various places I run. There's nothing really unique about them, but I just want to add a little "where I run" piece to the blog. I read so many different blogs (all listed on the side). It's interesting that so many people live in cities/suburbs and run on roads all of the time. I think that would be a good change of pace, but I really like the serenity of running out here in the country. Of course, it's not like I have any readers ... I guess I just want to add the pictures for my own memories.

I've also started measuring out my 2009 runs on Google Earth with the idea of seeing how long it will take me to "virtually" run to the Outer Banks where we vacation each summer. So far, I've crossed over into Northampton County. I'll try to add a little more info about that in other posts.

I also want to start blogging a little about non-running related stuff, too. Mainly things going on here at home. It's a good place to write a little about some of the cute & crazy things our kids do. On that note, here's one example of life with Will.

We had our "small group" meeting at our house Monday night. Our small group has gotten smaller & smaller & now only consists of Taylor, my mother-in-law Selma, and our pastor Bob and his wife Penny. Bob gave each of the kids a container of the mini M&Ms which they were eating in the kitchen while the rest of us were watching a DVD during our meeting. A little later when Will came back in the den, we noticed that it looked like Will had a little blood on his nose. I didn't think much of it as he's getting over a cold. But as I was wiping it with a tissue, I discovered it wasn't blood but was melted chocolate. Apparently, he decided the M&Ms were the perfect size to fit in one nostril. Thank goodness there was no harm from it and I hope he doesn't try that little adventure again.

I guess that's it for now ... it's almost bedtime and I have a wide-awake 3-year-old to start calming down.