Friday, June 17, 2011

Pacing, Schmacing

I haven't written much about running lately, but in a word, it's been GREAT lately. It really is amazing how much easier it is now that I've lost weight and have improved both my health and fitness in general. I'm currently in the early weeks of training for the Medoc Trail Races 10 miler in October. I created a moderate intensity plan using the online SmartCoach tool at Runners World. It's only included short runs of two and three miles so far. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to increasing the distance next week to 4 miles. 

But, even though, the effort associated with running has improved so much I've discovered that my pacing still completely sucks. I feel like I'm running at generally the same (although slow) pace most of the time, but my runkeeper app shows some strange peaks and valleys still.

Maybe it's just the GPS/app software? Yeah, that's what I'll blame it on.

But the most important part is that I'm using words like GREAT in the same sentence as running. There was definitely a time when that was not the case ...


  1. it is definitely an awesome feeling to you the words great and running in the same sentence. I'm hoping after this weekend I'm able to say the same!

  2. Very good sign (the word GREAT....)

    I'm still working on pacing too, and I've been running forever. Oh well, that's where the challenge is, right?

  3. One day the runs will feel easier and you'll want to try and run a little faster. You'll want to run outside your comfort zone and you'll just get a little faster and not realize you're doing it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that you are a fellow North Carolinian (I'm right outside of Greensboro). I look forward to reading :)

  5. When I started using words like great, awesome, fun and running in the same sentences I knew I was hooked. I can still remember a time when all I could think about running was how bad it sucked! haha You are doing fantastic!

  6. Yay! i am so glad you are using words like great and running in the same sentence! I think a week without running at least 4 times is a bad week. Good luck on your training!