Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • My last 5 runs have been on my sister-in-law's treadmill. Like most of the rest of the country, northeastern NC has been colder than usual. My time to run is either early morning before work or in the evenings after work, both of which are in the dark and when the temps have dropped even more. I know many of you are accustomed to running in the 20s and even colder, but a) I'm essentially a wuss when it comes to the cold and b) my cold weather gear isn't really for temps that low, especially my socks. So, the treadmill it is ...

  • Which leads me to this, why on earth do I find myself going slower on the treadmill than outside? My only theory is that, ironically, I'm having to adjust to being warm again while running on the treadmill since it's a comfy 72 degrees in her house. I do like being able to maintain a steady pace on the treadmill, but I'm now back to 13:00+ minute miles. I'm confident that my measured routes on the farm are accurate so the 12:00 or so minute miles averaged in December should be accurate as well. The google my tracks app on my phone corresponds with my measurements using my GIS software. This seriously makes me want a Garmin even more now, but that's another story altogether.

  • The half-marathon training is still going well. I just need to add in some cross-training twice a week but am not sure what to do. What do you readers think? Would adding in 2 or 3 days of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred be good for cross-training?


  1. Treadmill running is the worst! Running in the dark isn't that much better either. Nice job sticking with it. The treadmill may be off a bit, resulting in you thinking you are running slower. How does the pace feel?

    As for cross training a lot of people like the shred. I enjoy biking or swimming and strength training. Anything that keeps you moving is good.

  2. I know I always think I'm going faster on a treadmill than I actually am. Maybe its the whirr of the treadmill or seeing the belt move but i too am slower on a treadmill.

  3. How are you doing? Silence can either be because you're super busy or struggling with something. Or it could be you're trying to get away from crazy stalkers like me. Just checking in....

  4. I don't know about that shred workout but I just love that you are a map geek and are jones-ing for a Garmin! I work with (rely on) people who do GIS work and my husband got his start in underwater mapping with his GIS degree so I have a special fondness for your blog theme.
    Run on!

  5. I always find running on a treadmill challenging. A 10:00 pace can seem slow and comfortable on the road, but incredibly daunting on a treadmill. I don't think it's a weather thing - it's just a treadmill thing.

    You have to get a Garmin - they are WONDERFUL. Friends of mine bought them on eBay and they worked great and were less pricey. I have the least expensive version and couldn't possibly need more bells and whistles.