Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Worldwide Festival of Races

I ran the inaugural "Hawkins Farms Pumpkin Patch 5K" and I placed first out of 1 entries! Woo hoo! My prize for completing the race in 37:07? A bottle of water and big hugs a little later from my daughter and son.

It was a wonderfully cool morning of about 65 degrees and a light breeze. The course was and out and back from my in-laws' pumpkin patch to the church so it was a trail section by the pond and then the farm paths by the cotton and soybean fields to the church. And the good news was that I remembered to bring the church key with me so I was able to take a much-needed bathroom break : )

This was only the second time I've run this distance since starting on July 30. I'm still not able to run the entire time, but the walk breaks are much shorter than my first 5K in September. I will run the Harvest Days 5K next week and hope to finish in 35 minutes.

This was my first virtual race and I heard about it from Steve Runner's wonderful "Phedippidations" podcast. I enjoyed pushing myself to run the extra little bit to log 3.1 miles and "compete" against myself and others virtually. What a blast and a great way to stay motivated as there are not a lot of local races around here.

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