Friday, August 6, 2010

Foto Friday

Yep, this post idea is stolen from Carly, who stole it from ??? or maybe it was her idea ??? I know there's been a recent analysis of the origins of Three Things Thursday by the Redhead, but that's it for my running blogger history.

All I know is, maybe if I have a few standard blog ideas at the ready, I'll be more consistent posting here.

I walked through the break room earlier this week and saw this on the counter.
Drink Please

Mmmm, nope, I don't think so.

I work in a courthouse and this breakroom is accessible to anybody. I'd hate to fall victim to one of the many court system regulars who roam these halls and left this hoping a gullible and thirsty judge might wander by.

Well, not really but I have to look for workplace humor where I can find it. Some unknown employee had good intentions by gifting this only slightly-out-date beverage, but still, I think I'll pass. I'm afraid to even put anything in that refrigerator for fear that it will be either be a) eaten by someone else before lunchtime (been known to happen before) or b) spontaneously grow green fuzz just from being near some of the stuff already in there. Apparently this lemonade tried to make its escape and only made it as far as the counter.

I just wish I worked in a building where the visitors are more pleasant. If people aren't here for court, then they're usually here to pay their property taxes in my office. Or, you know, at least complain about their property taxes. Fun, fun for everyone! But at least I don't take the money. I just create the maps!

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  1. LMAO! I am the same way with the fridge at my office. I usually pack a cooler because Lord only knows what my colleagues do to other people's stuff in the fridge. *shudder*