Thursday, October 22, 2009


Running has been a mini-obsession of mine since I first laced up my shoes and hit one of the farm paths here at home on July 31, 2008. I've had my ups and downs with it, taking some breaks along the way when the laziness took over. But, for the most part, it's been something that I've thought about every day even if I didn't actually get up and run.

Reading many of the running blogs that are available on the 'net has been a wonderfully absorbing time-killer for me. Just ask my husband; he can't believe the amount of time I can spend on the laptop reading complete strangers' thoughts. It's helped me learn a lot about running. It's also helped by seeing that there are a lot of other people like me out there ... those of us living normal lives sharing the same hobby/lifestyle. I especially enjoy the blogs of other working moms. If you are a runner who happens to be reading these rambling thoughts of mine, be sure to check out some of the links on my blogroll and you may just find one that appeals to you as well.

I also discovered the joy of running podcasts shortly after I started running. When I first bought my iPod, I just assumed that I'd only load music on it to help distract my mind while running. But then, I discovered "Phedippidations" through iTunes and realized I could listen to someone else sharing their knowledge about running while I'm trying not to think about my tired legs. After following the various links to other podcasts on iTunes and on the web, I have several that I've subscribed to and listen to regularly.

One of my favorites is Ashland Dave's "Running in the Center of the Universe." Dave just seems like a down-to-earth guy and Ashland, VA is only about 90 minutes from my part of NC. He mentions the Outer Banks quite a bit and has run that marathon as well as Richmond. I just really like hearing about a runner talking about areas that I know. If I do decide to run a marathon or another half in the future, either OBX (my first choice) or Richmond are good options. I wrote him an email last week complimenting him on the podcast and he mentioned it on #79 which is pretty cool. He's also hopefully going to put up a link to the Roanoke Canal Half Marathon. I'm so excited about having a local half, that I thought I'd do what I could to help spread the word. Hopefully his mentioning it on the podcast will bring in a few runners from that part of VA. So, thanks, Dave and keep up the good work on the podcast!

(And, yes, I know that the joy of running blogs and podcasts isn't news for any other runners that may have stumbled across my blog ... but the one reader I know I have is my husband ... maybe this will help him understand why I enjoy blogs and podcasts so much!)


  1. 4 years ago when I got into running I found Phedipidations and still listen. I love it. I also listed to Ashland Dave (I'm the Christina he occasionally mentions in his email bag). Another good podcast with lots of information is the Running Shoe. I've learned a lot about racing, hydrating and all kinds of stuff from that podcast also.

  2. I listened to Ashland Dave's podcast on the Outer Banks Half this morning and he mentioned your blog. So, I thought I'd drop by. My wife, like your husband, cannot understand why I read blogs, by people I don't know, about running. For me, I think it's a sense of connectedness with people who enjoy what I enjoy and who struggle, or have struggled, with the things I struggle with.

    We lived in Richmond for almost 4.5 years until moving back to Kenya in September. I've never run the Richmond Marathon or Half but ran several races in the Richmond area -- Monument 10K, Maymont X-Terra Half, Patrick Henry Half, Ashland Railroad 10K. Also, while on vacation at the end of August, I ran in Kill Devil Hills, Outer Bansk -- where the OBX Marathon/Half are held. Any of those are great places to run.