Friday, September 5, 2008

Even I'm still amazed ...

It's been 5.5 weeks and I'm still waking up at what is, for me, the ridiculous time of a few minutes before 6:00 each day to work out. But it gets even better ... every other day during those 5.5 weeks with few exceptions I've actually been going outside & running.

I know, I can't believe it either! 5.5 weeks of consistent anything is like 5.5 months in Doris-years. I've had so many times in my life of starting a hobby/project/almost anything & being so very excited for a week or so & then tiring of it.

But not this, not so far. I'm still struggling with running for a very long time, but I've built up to 4 minutes & then recovering by walking for 2-3 minutes before starting another 4 minute run. I've even signed up for a 5K on Saturday, September 13. I have 2 goals for the 5K: 1) run more minutes than I walk and 2) not finish in last place. The unwritten but obvious goals are obviously: 1) do not die and 2) finish the race.

So there you go. Things have been exciting for me since July 30. I've started a healthier lifestyle that I'm really enjoying. And I'm doing something new by running a 5K. And now a blog ... wow, what next?

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