Thursday, May 12, 2011

3rd Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge: Dealing with Vacation

I'm 2 weeks into this 3rd Body by Vi Challenge and my weight has not changed. You might think that lack of progress is a downer, but no, it's actually the opposite.

We returned from a family vacation to that most magical destination: Walt Disney World. We absolutely love Disney and go every other Spring. Your first thoughts of Disney might include a certain mouse, castle and pirates hailing from the Caribbean, but also stuck in the middle of all of that is FOOD and lots of it. I made the decision going into this vacation that I would not stress about food choices, but instead would do what I wanted to do. Mission accomplished! I began each day with a BBV shake but then ate from whatever overpriced, calorie-filled menu that was in front of us each day in Mickey-land.

And, you know what? I enjoyed straying away from healthier choices and I'm not going to lie about it. But I also looked forward to returning to better nutrition once we returned home. I score that as a major WIN on lots of different levels!

Oh, and the vacation was the best one my family has had in many years as you should be able to tell from these pictures.

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