Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five miles & a superhero

Today's run by the numbers:

Miles: 5.12
Time: 1:12:38 (14:11 avg pace)
Temp: low 80s
Wildlife: 2 deer, 1 baby field mouse
3-year-old superheroes: 1

My Nike+ sensor stopped working Thursday morning, so I used my mapped out an approximate 5-mile route for today. The RW smart coach plan called for 5 miles easy at 14:11 (yeah, nailed that!). I had hoped to run it between 13:30 & 14:00 average pace & had written down what those splits would be for each of the 3 sections of the route. I was on target to do just that at the end of the first section.

I was making the turn to go down one of the farm paths when I heard "Mama!" I turned and saw Kate and Will coming towards me on the golf cart. Will wanted to join me for a while, so he and I started down the path with Kate still in the golf cart to give him a ride when he wanted to stop.

A smile, a wave and a "good morning" was all I offered to the crew priming tobacco in the field next to the path. I don't know nearly enough Spanish to even attempt to explain Will's attire: bathing suit (no shirt), homemade cape made from a towel and sneakers. At least he wasn't wearing his goggles on top of his head ...

(We bought an above-ground pool this summer ... now Will wears a bathing suit at all times so he's ready to swim at a moment's notice. At least this is an improvement over the "George of the Jungle" phase when all he would wear was his underwear.)

Will stuck with me for most of the second section even though we had to take a few more walk-breaks and G2 stops than I would have made if I'd been alone. Then, of course, there was a meltdown when I explained that we couldn't run down the path into the woods since we didn't tell Daddy we were going there. He and Kate finally got bored and rode the golf cart back home while I finished.

So, I didn't finish the 5 miles in the time I'd hoped to ... but at least I have the memory of my free-spirit, "Super Will" running with his cape flying behind him. I'll give up a minute or two for that anytime.

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  1. Cute story!! Keep going sounds like you are making great progress.