Saturday, May 2, 2009

Patriots' 5k

I had a blast today at my third 5k! It was the first time I've had anyone with me at a race. Kate had already made plans to go to breakfast with Papa this morning, so they left home a little before me so they could go to Oscar's for pancakes. I went on to Crowley's and registered for the 5k and signed up Kate for the 1 mile fun run. I had enough time to talk with Tammy who I went to school with. She races in triathlons and is the one who sent the registration flier to me. I also spoke to a couple of others who graduated from Halifax Academy as well. Kate and HT hadn't made it there by the time we started, but that was fine as I didn't expect them to finish eating that soon.

This was a small race and the only the second time it's been held as a fundraiser for Cornerstone Christian's athletic programs. I'm guessing there were probably around 100 runners total, including the kids in the one mile run. We started at 9:00 and I tried to keep reminding myself not to go out too fast. My goal was to finish under 35:00 so I was shooting for better than 11:30 miles. Yeah, still slow ...

Wouldn't you know it, there were two long, sloping hills in the first mile. Not a promising start, but I kept plugging along. I tried to maintain a fairly consistent run:walk ratio. I can't remember exactly what I did, but will upload my slowgeek graph when I get a chance. The rolling hills throughout the whole course were a little difficult as was the wind. Neither one may not have been too bad for other more experienced/fit runners, but to this overweight 39-year-old newbie, it was tough.

I checked my watch at the 2 mile mark and realized I probably wasn't going to finish under 35:00, but I gave it my best. One last hill at the end and I pushed it as hard as I could to the finish. My finish was 35:58 according to my watch and 36:03 according to the official time. I'm not sure which time I should go by as this small race wasn't chip-timed.

I am really happy with the outcome even though I didn't meet my goal. I know I pushed myself. Could I have done more? I might could have gone a little harder in the beginning, but I really was quite tired by the end so that may have been my best. All in all, I'm pleased.

Then the best was yet to come because Kate started calling "Mama" when I crossed the finish line. She and HT had gotten there in time to see me finish and that was great! We pinned her number on (#182) and I told her about the 2 hills she'd have to run. She lined up with her friend Eric and was ready to go. I ran part of the way down the course so I could get a picture of her. I'm so proud! She finished in 6th and had a great time. I really hope this is just the first of many races for her and that she develops a love for running at a young age. By the time she finished, Taylor and Will had arrived (Will was a sleepyhead this morning and didn't wake up in time to go to breakfast with Papa).

So now it's time to train for a June 20 race. I'm planning on doing the 10k and begin training Monday. Hopefully Kate and Taylor will do the 5k. I'm so excited!

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